ISCA Singapore Minicon In Brief

What is Steampunk it is a gathering of international caricaturists to learn and compete in a friendly manner to develop the art and appreciation of caricatures.

1st – 4th June 2015

Information and registration on this web site
Tel: (+65) 63443369

Participation Fee: $ $150 USD

Hotel Accommodation
Cheaper Hotel: H81 Premier Star @ USD $44 per night
Business Hotel: V Hotel Lavender @ USD $119 per night
Bus shuttle provided to convention venue.

Convention brief schedule & venue
Day 1: Retail competition, exhibition viewing,
ice-breaker party @ Esplanade – Theatres on the bay

Day 2 & 3: Seminars & competition drawing open 24 hours @ Goodman Arts Centre

Day 4: Voting & Award presentation @ Goodman Arts Centre

Competition Categories
Retail: Artist will be provided with table 3ft x 3ft table space and one A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) board to display samples. They are allowed to set up their work space 30 minutes. Drawing real customer for 2-hours and be judged by: 1. participants vote, 2. customers vote and 3. speed judged by number of coupons collected. Please leave a note in the registration ifor to participate in this category.

Exhibition: Facebook challenge at Draw famous Singapore personality for exhibition and publication. Selection by exhibition curatorial committee. Deadline 19 April 2015

Studio: A4 size caricature of any Singapore personality submitted on 2nd June 2015. Facebook challenge pieces (above) can be resubmitted. One entry per participant not exceeding A3 size. Judged by participants’ vote.

Speed: Drawing as many participants during a fixed duration on A4 paper in black & white. Rounds advancement judged by appointed jury. Final 3 judged by participants’ vote.

Likeness: Drawing from photo of three different face projected for 10 minutes each. Judged by participants’ vote.

Most Humorous,
Most Exaggerated,
Monochrome (B/W),
Digital, 3-Dimension,
Best Caricature (10 positions):
These are competition drawing of participants drawn during the minicon and put up on display for judging by participants’ vote.

Organized by: ISCA Singapore Chapter.
Contact: Mr. Kamal Dollah


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