Check out these videos from previous conventions to get an idea of what fun awaits at the Singapore mini-con 2015.

ISCA Artists promotional video.

ISCA Convention 2013 at St Pete Beach, Florida USA by Manny Avetisyan

Convention Facts

Date: 1st – 4th June 2015

Convention Fee:          Artist = $150 USD
                                      ★ Guest = $100 USD
                                      ★ Day Guest = $35 SGD per day

Artist and guest will receive T-shirt, goody bag and tickets to the ice breaker reception also presentation night banquet. Fee does not include accommodation.

Guest and day guest are not allowed to vote or compete.

Day guest are allowed into the competition hall and  seminar room for the day of ticket purchase.

What is the ISCA mini-convention?

The ISCA mini-convention is hosted in a different city each year and features many wonderful activities, speakers, presenters, competitions and of course… artwork!
One does not have to be an ISCA member to participate in a mini-convention.

2013 minicon in Seoul, Korea organised by ISCA Korea Chapter

2012 minicon in Osaka, Japan organised by ISCA Japan

The convention draws hundreds of artists from around the world. Participants get a chance to meet and interact over four days of fun, learning, competitions and just plain drawing! Artists who attend are dazzled by the limitless techniques, styles and raw creativity that pervades the atmosphere of the event. Most artists leave the convention talking about the inspiration, friendships and knowledge they gleaned from being a part of this unique get together.

What happens at an ISCA convention?


One of the main attractions is the special guest speaker who is an inspirational caricature artist. The speakers deliver a keynote address, and often do demonstrations of their techniques and skills.


The convention also features seminars by members and guests. These seminars cover subjects like basic caricature techniques for students and members, advanced caricature, demonstrations of mediums and techniques, marketing and self promotion, gag bodies, legal and financial direction and much more. Seminars are included in the cost of convention admission. Many convention attendees consider the seminars to be invaluable learning tools.


The high point of the convention has got to be the fabulous artwork that is created right before your eyes. A large hall is transformed into the most unique and largest live caricature gallery in the world in just a few days! Imagine hundreds of caricaturists set up over every square inch of the hall, drawing each other for four days! Each artist has their own wall space to hang the best of their pieces… literally thousands of outstanding caricatures are created and hung up in every imaginable style and technique. It is truly inspirational.


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