ISCA Singapore Minicon In Brief

What is Steampunk it is a gathering of international caricaturists to learn and compete in a friendly manner to develop the art and appreciation of caricatures.

1st – 4th June 2015

Information and registration on this web site
Tel: (+65) 63443369

Participation Fee: $ $150 USD

Hotel Accommodation
Cheaper Hotel: H81 Premier Star @ USD $44 per night
Business Hotel: V Hotel Lavender @ USD $119 per night
Bus shuttle provided to convention venue.

Convention brief schedule & venue
Day 1: Retail competition, exhibition viewing,
ice-breaker party @ Esplanade – Theatres on the bay

Day 2 & 3: Seminars & competition drawing open 24 hours @ Goodman Arts Centre

Day 4: Voting & Award presentation @ Goodman Arts Centre

Competition Categories
Retail: Artist will be provided with table 3ft x 3ft table space and one A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) board to display samples. They are allowed to set up their work space 30 minutes. Drawing real customer for 2-hours and be judged by: 1. participants vote, 2. customers vote and 3. speed judged by number of coupons collected. Please leave a note in the registration ifor to participate in this category.

Exhibition: Facebook challenge at Draw famous Singapore personality for exhibition and publication. Selection by exhibition curatorial committee. Deadline 19 April 2015

Studio: A4 size caricature of any Singapore personality submitted on 2nd June 2015. Facebook challenge pieces (above) can be resubmitted. One entry per participant not exceeding A3 size. Judged by participants’ vote.

Speed: Drawing as many participants during a fixed duration on A4 paper in black & white. Rounds advancement judged by appointed jury. Final 3 judged by participants’ vote.

Likeness: Drawing from photo of three different face projected for 10 minutes each. Judged by participants’ vote.

Most Humorous,
Most Exaggerated,
Monochrome (B/W),
Digital, 3-Dimension,
Best Caricature (10 positions):
These are competition drawing of participants drawn during the minicon and put up on display for judging by participants’ vote.

Organized by: ISCA Singapore Chapter.
Contact: Mr. Kamal Dollah


Chinese Translation for ISCA 新加坡似颜绘职人小型会议 2015

ISCA 新加坡似颜绘职人小型会议 2015


资询与报名, 请上网


电话:(+65) 63443369




廉价酒店: 81首屈一指酒店(Hotel 81 Premier Star @USD44 一晚)

商务酒店: V熏衣草酒店 (V Hotel Lavender @USD119 一晚)




~ 零售业比赛 (Retail Competition)

~ 参观画展

~ 交流晚会/派对。地点:滨海艺术中心 (Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay)




地点:古德曼艺术中心 (Goodman Arts Centre)



地点:古德曼艺术中心 (Goodman Arts Centre)


1)零售业比赛 (Retail Competition):


~ 一张60 x 45 厘米桌子供绘画用途

~ 一张AO 尺码 (841 x 1189毫米)的画板供呈献绘图样版用途

预备时间:30 分钟






2)画展比赛 :

面簿挑战 (Facebook Challenge)于



参赛截止日期: 2015年4月19日

3)画室作品(Studio Caricature)比赛 :


可用面簿挑战 (Facebook Challenge)的同一幅作品来参加这个项目的比赛。每位参赛者只限一幅参赛作品。


参赛截止日期: 2015年6月2日

4)速度(Speed Caricature)比赛 :


5)最相像似颜画 (Likeness Caricature):



最搞笑似颜绘 (Most Humorous),黑白似颜绘 (Monochrome),术码似颜绘 (Digital),立体似颜绘 (3-Dimension),最佳似颜绘作品 (Best Caricature)。。。这些将于会场展出供投选活动。由参赛者投选其他参赛者的作品。

主办单位:ISCA Singapore Chapter.

联络人: 卡马先生 (Mr. Kamal Dollah) 或是 叶若诗女士 (Miss Ye Ruoshi)

Japanese Translation for ISCAシンガポールミニコン 2015

ISCAシンガポールミニコン 2015

■日程 2015/6/1 〜  6/4



■Tel     (+65)63443369

■参加費 120ドル(アメリカドル)

・お手頃価格ホテル … Hotel 81 Star  1泊44ドル
・ビジネスホテル … V HOTEL LAVENDER 1泊199ドル
※それぞれのホテルへの予約は、シンガポールミニコンホームページの「ISCA Hotel Reservation Form」というリンクからできます。通常の価格よりも安い、ISCA特別価格になっています。

【1日目】 14:00より、リテイル(現場スタイル)競技/エキシビション(似顔絵展覧会作品)の鑑賞/アイスブレイクパーティー(参加者同士の初顔合わせパーティー。ちょっとした飲み物と食べ物が出されます)
※場所…エスプラネードシアター オン ザ ベイ

※場所…グッドマン アーツセンター

【4日目】 投票・授賞式
※場所…グッドマン アーツセンター

【リテイル(現場スタイル)部門】 … 作家は、椅子と、60cm×45cmのテーブルと、A0サイズ(841×1189mm)のサンプル展示用ボードを提供されます。30分間準備時間が設けられます。2時間の間に、実際の一般客を描きます。投票は1…参加者、2…実際描かれた一般客、3…スピードにより決まります。参加登録をした順で、場所が決まります。

【エキシビション(似顔絵展覧会用作品)】 … シンガポールミニコン2015のホームページのトップページ に、描いていただきたいシンガポールの有名人の名前一覧が掲載してあります。ここからモデルを選んでいただき、似顔絵展覧会と、これに関する出版物(画集)の為に、作品を提出して下さい。※提出方法は、再度お知らせ致します。締め切りは、2015/4/19までです。

【スタジオ制作部門】 … 6/2(大会期間中)に、A4サイズのシンガポールの有名人 を描いた作品を提出します。展覧会用に提出した作品を、こちらに再提出していただけます。参加者1名につき一点までです。参加者によって投票されます。

【スピード部門】 … A4の用紙に白黒で、いかに多くの参加者を早くたくさん描くかを競います。大会側が決めたメンバーによりトーナメント制で行い、ファイナルで勝ち抜いた3名のアーティストは、参加者によって投票されます。

【ライクネス部門】 … 3つの違うモデルを、各10分ごとプロジェクターで映し出し、作画します。参加者によって投票されます。

【ユーモア部門】【誇張部門】【白黒部門】【デジタル部門】【3D部門】【総合(10位まで発表)】 … 大会中に会場にて制作した作品を展示し、参加者によって投票されます。

主催  ISCAシンガポール
代表  カマル・ドラー

Translated by Chihiro Noguchi

Studio Category Submission & Exhibition

If you are attending the minicon, this is the studio category competition.

We have set up a Facebook Group:

Caricature of any of the 50 Singapore personalities listed below will be the subject for the studio category competition.

An exhibition open to the public is planned at a prestigious venue from 28th May – 21st June 2015. A book of the selected submissions will be distributed to attendees of the minicon and selected artists by post .

The deadline for submission on the FB group is 23:59hrs (+8 GMT) on Sunday 19th April 2015.

Fifty notable Singaporeans suggestion to be caricatured for this competition are:

Aaron Aziz – Actor
Ang Peng Siong – Swimmer
Archbishop Nicholas Chia – Archbishop
Benjamin Henry Sheares – Second President
Benny Se Teo – Chef, social entrepreneur
Brian Richmond – Radio presenter
Catherine Lim – Writer
Chiam See Tong – Politician, teacher, lawyer
David Saul Marshall – Politician, lawyer
Devan Nair – Third president
Dick Lee – Singer, composer
Fandi Ahmad – Soccer player
Fann Wong – Actress, singer, model
Fiona Xie – Actress, singer, presenter
Gerard Ee – Lawyer, philanthropist
Goh Chok Tong – Second Prime Minister
Goh Keng Swee – Politician
Gurmit Singh – Actor
Ho Ching – Businesswoman
Hossan Leong – Comedian
Ivan Heng – Actor, director
Jack Neo – Actor, film director, film producer
JJ Lin – Singer
Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam – Politician, lawyer
Kit Chan – Singer, actress
Kumar – Entertainer
Kym Ng – Actress
Lee Hsien Loong – Prime Minister
Lee Kuan Yew – First Prime Minister
Lim Kay Tong – Actor
Mark Lee – Actor
Michelle Chong – Actress
Min Liang Tan – Technopreneur
Moses Lim – Actor
Najip Ali – Presenter
Ong Teng Cheong – Fifth President
Philip Jeyaretnam – Lawyer, writer
S. R. Nathan – Sixth president of Singapore
Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles – Governor-General
Stefanie Sun – Singer
Subhas Anandan – Lawyer
Tan Keng Yam Tony – President of Singapore
Tanya Chua – Singer
Taufik Batisah – Singer, actor
Teo Chee Hean – Deputy Prime Minister
Toh Chin Chye – Politician
Wee Kim Wee – Fourth President of Singapore
Yusof bin Ishak – First President of Singapore
Zoe Tay – Actress, singer
Zubir Said – Composer of Singapore’s National Anthem

Welcome Caricaturists to Singapore in June of 2015

The news was announced at the end of the last Asian mini-con in Nagoya Japan, February 2014.
The news was announced at the end of the last Asian mini-con in Nagoya Japan, February 2014.

Great News!

ISCA’s mini-con 2015 will be held in Singapore! This will be the first time an ISCA convention will be held in South East Asia. Come draw with talented caricaturists from around the world. Our goals is to connect caricature professionals and enthusiasts to better the art of caricature.

The convention would be a 4-days event of competition drawing and seminars by great caricature artists. ISCA main conventions for members are held annually in USA and intermittent mini-cons in Europe, Japan and Korea. One does not have to be a member of ISCA to attend the mini-con.

Singapore’s geographic position and accessibility makes this a very exciting event as we anticipate an interesting turnout of new artists from unexposed regions of South East Asia, India, China, Australia and even Africa.

Come be a part of this exciting group drawing caricatures in Singapore.