Competition Categories

The ISCA Minicon is also a friendly competition among caricaturists besides the seminars. Awards are presented for outstanding achievements. The top ten artists are honoured, with the top three receiving the Bronze, Silver and Golden awards. Of course, with all the great artwork being produced throughout the convention and exchanged among artists, everybody comes out a winner.

Please note there are two venues for the competition:

  1. The ‘Live Caricature Award’ is held on 1st of June 2pm at Esplanade, located at 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981
  2. All other competitions will be held at Goodman Arts Centre, located at 90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053 from 2nd – 4th June 2015.

Photographs below should give you an idea of what the competition would be like.

Live Caricature Award


Participating artists are to report at the competition venue: Esplanade Concourse, 1st of June 2015. Registration counter opens at 12:00 noon, upon registration they will be allotted a slot for drawing either at 2-4pm or 5-7pm. This event will involve the public. There will be other forms of entertainment in the vicinity for a festive mood.Artist are provided a table space 3ft x 3ft and one A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) board to display their samples or graphics to attract customers. Artist are to provide their own materials. Any material may be used as long as they do not mess-up the area or annoy people. Artists who require electrical power must inform the organisers in advance if possible and during registration. Artists are given 30-minutes to set up their station.Customer with tickets can step up to the artist of their choice and request a drawing. One ticket for  a person to be drawn. Artists are to retain the tickets, at the end of the session, write their competition number on the tickets and surrender all the tickets collected to the organiser. Tickets will be counted for points of popularity and speed.All participants and customers are provided with a voting slip where they will submit vote of their best retail artists which need not be the artist they got a drawing from. Votes will be counted for points of quality.Tickets cost $10. Proceeds goes to funding the Minicon.
Best of show


In conjunction with the minicon, we set up an exhibition of famous Singapore personality at Esplanade Concourse from 29 May – 17 June 2015 of selected works submitted via our Facebook group The deadline for submission was 19 April 2015. This category is open to non-participants.Participants and customers have to slip to vote for their favourite caricature on display.
Studio Award


Caricature of famous Singapore personality drawn by participants before the convention and submitted for display at noon, 2nd June 2015. Maximum of 3 entries per participant, size not exceeding A3 size print or original. Caricature posted on Facebook group even if selected for exhibition at Esplanade may be re-submitted.Displayed at convention for voting by all participant until 6pm 3rd June 2015.
Likeness Award


Participants will sit for a session of drawing from photograph during the convention. Three different will be face projected on screen. Each drawing time limit is 10 minutes each. All drawings will be pasted on the wall for voting by all participants.
Speed Award


The speed competition is a session where participants draw as many people during a fixed duration on A4 paper. Rounds advancement judged by appointed jury. Drawings of the final 3 participants will be pasted on the wall for voting by all participants.
Convention Caricatures: Categories below are for caricatures produced during the convention. The subject must be of any participants or staff present in the hall. Caricatures produced will be displayed on the wall within the allotted space for artists by number. All participants will view and vote with a form during the voting session on the final day.Artist usually present the drawings to the person drawn after the award ceremony.
Humour Award


Convention caricature voted as the most funny caricature of them all.
Monochrome Award


Voted as the best of all caricature done in any single colour.(Monochrome or Black & White).
3D Award


Convention caricature voted as the best of all three-dimensional caricature produced
Digital Artist Award


Convention caricature voted as the best caricature done using a computer.
Best Caricature Award


Convention caricature voted as the best caricature presented at the end of convention drawing session
Top Caricaturist Award


Best Caricaturist (10 positions):


Drawing hall opens for 24 hours. Photo from 2012, St Pete Florida.
Participants putting up their work for judging at the 2013 minicon in Nagoya Japan.


The Singapore version of the ‘Live caricature competition’ is similar to ‘Retail caricature competition’ held in Nagoya Japan for the 2014 Asian minicon. This is expected to be very well received by the public.





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