Terry Dunnett (Australia)

Nailing the likeness like a cop

Speakers Profile

Terry is a talented and accomplished artist based in the hills to the East of Perth, Western Australia. He runs a one man caricature business and has been producing caricatures, in many mediums, for more than 30 years. His works adorn thousands of homes and businesses. Terry has also honed his expertise in many other illustrative fields and now embraces digital creation and its vastly increased versatility over traditional methods, particularly in producing a stunning quality that is very difficult to emulate traditionally, at a reasonable price, for clients. Projects range from huge corporate collages to small personal private commissions. Terry also is a ‘live’ caricature entertainer regularly working at corporate functions, weddings, trade shows and functions. It has now become an integral part of his business. He is one of only four Australian members of the ISCA. He is also a committee member of the Australian Cartoonists Association, the ACA, the world’s oldest cartoonist organisation formed back in 1924.

Prior to retiring Terry was a career Police Officer in the Western Australia Police for 31 years. He became the first full time Police Artist in 1988 and was instrumental in forming the Police Artist section, part of the Forensic Division. It later became the Forensic Imaging Unit with a staff of five. In 1991 he has trained with New Scotland Yard, South Wales Police, Cambridgeshire Police and the E-Fit company in the UK. He was the first Australian Police Officer to be invited to attend the FBI Facial Imaging / Police Artist Course in 2000 at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia USA. This was a wonderful opportunity and enabled Terry to further broaden his knowledge and enhance his skills.

He has made presentations on various aspects of visual identification to the Australasian Judges Conference in Adelaide, Judicial Seminars in Perth, to members of senior executive and students of Forensic Psychology. The Psychology Departments of Australian and Canadian Universities have utilised his skills and knowledge in digital identification projects evaluating memory retention abilities. Three separate computer solutions, PAI, Digiboard and iFace, to address shortcomings in offender identification methods have been developed by Sergeant Dunnett and have led to acceptance and changes in judicial procedures that benefit investigative areas and the justice system.

Sergeant Dunnett has given opinion evidence in courts of law, at all levels, on composite compilation, digital procedures and witness recall abilities and is considered an Expert in the field of Forensic Art. For his innovation and dedication to the Western Australia Police in the field of forensic imaging, Terry was awarded the Commissioner’s Medal for Excellence in November 2005.

In December 2006 Terry retired from the Western Australian Police and so began a new career as a caricaturist !!!



Marcus Sakoda

Digital speedpainting with Marcus: Photoshop

Speakers Profile

Marcus is a digital caricature artist.  He began drawing in the 3rd grade after seeing many of his family members drawing around him.

He grew up using the computer a lot, so naturally he wanted to use it as a tool for drawing.  Over the years, starting with the smallest and cheapest tablet, he taught himself to paint digitally through tutorials online.

After high school, Marcus went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he learned the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and illustration.  Those traditional skills transferred very well to his digital paintings. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

In 2010 Marcus began to focus on Caricatures.  Once again, he taught himself the art of caricature with every resource he could find online.

Marcus first attended the ISCA convention (Internation Society of Caricature Artists) in 2010.  There he was awarded 1st place Best Portfolio and 1st place Best Studio piece.  Other attendees were surprised by his photo realistic caricature renderings.

He attends ISCA every year and has yet to leave a convention without an award.

2010: 1st Place Best Studio Piece, 1st Place Best Portfolio

2011: 2nd Place Best Artist (Silver Nosey), 1st Place best caricature, 3rd Place best Portfolio, 1st Place Outstanding Color Technique, Guest of Honor Award

2012: 3rd Place Best Artist (Bronze Nosey), 2nd Place Best Caricature, 2nd Place Best Portfolio

2013: 2nd Place Best Artist (Silver Nosey), 1st Place Best Caricature, 9th Place Best Caricature, 10th Place Best Caricature, 3rd Place Outstanding Humor

Marcus also loves to show the process of his paintings through his Youtube Channel.


Katon Aqhari (Malaysia)

Digital painting without Photoshop: Corel Painter

Speakers Profile

KATON AQHARI (aka Mohd Khairul Anuar bin A. Rahman) was born in Malacca, Malaysia on 19 April 1981. He started out in the creative industry as an illustrator in 1999 at an advertising company Double Click Design and later storyboard artist for ‘Kluangman’ in 2000. His career in 2D animation spans from 2001 till 2008 producing animations for local and international market. Among them, CJ the DJ, Hostel Blues, NFL, Mat Jenin, Anak-anak Sidek and many more. He was also an actor for 2 years since 2003. Today he is focussed on a career as a caricaturist and digital artist.

In 2003, Multimedia Development Corporation of Malaysia (MDeC) appointed him as a panel of expert in developing the National Occupation Skill Standard (NOSS) for 2D animation and was listed in the National Directory of Industry Experts (DPIN). Recognition of his achievements began when he won first place in a state of Malacca competition for character design and animation storyboarding in 2008; and his participation in 24-hour Comics Day 2007.

Record holder for the First Actors and Actresses Digital Caricature Exhibition by An Artist in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2014 for successfully exhibiting 57 digital caricatures of legendary Malaysian actor and actresses.

Yonie Fun

Yonie Woo (South Korea)

Caricature 101

Speakers Profile

Yonie Woo founded Fun Caricature in South Korea in 2002. She is now the the representative of Gallery Woo and president of the Korean ISCA chapter. She has lectured until 2012 at the best university for art in Korea, Hong-ik University. Yonie Woo was awarded first place for the annual speed competition at the ISCA convention twice (once in 2010, Las Vegas, and again in 2011, Florida.) She was award second place for studio work at the Europe ISCA Mini-Con, received the Sticky Award in 2006 for the best performing artist at IT&CMA in Singapore, and was awarded second place at the Hanoi Art Fair in 2011 as a photographer of fine art. She has also been invited to over 20 countries as a caricature artist by the Korean Tourist Service, Inc. Yonie Woo has trained over 80 new caricature artists, lectured at many culture centers, companies and universities for the past 12 years, even during the time that caricature was not popular to the general public in Korea. During the last few years, she has had over 10 solo and group exhibitions as an invited artist, a curator, a director, and a photographer. On May 5th, 2015, Yonie Woo moved Gallery Woo to the center of Seoul as an international exhibition gallery, caricature retail shop, and cafe.



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